November 2016 Young Living Promotion



Hey everyone! Time to chat about the November promos. You guys are going to freak. I know I did when I saw them because they are so good. FREE FRANKINCENSE you guys. Don’t mind if I do stock up on that precious liquid magic! And they are KEEPING the new 100PV promo level! Happy dance over here. This month you will get a free bottle of Peppermint oil with your $100 order. BUT only if you are on essential rewards……so sign up already people!

Here’s what you can get free this month with your qualifying order:

5ml Peppermint Vitality (ER BONUS 100PV Bonus):
You can never have enough of this stuff. Besides the obvious things you use it for this is great around the holidays to throw in your baking and hot chocolate. Yes please. Also really good in the diffuser mixed with a million different combos. Need an extra boost as the weather turns? Peppermint. I keep a bottle of this at my desk at work.

5ml Christmas Spirit (190PV Bonus):
It’s hard to express my love for this blend. I diffuse it pretty much all fall and winter. Mix it with something woodsy like Northern Lights Black Spruce and something citrusy like Orange or Tangerine and you’re good to go. Have this diffusing during holidays and gatherings and give everyone the feels.

15ml Frankincense (250PV Bonus):
Ahhhhh! Can you hear the angels singing for free frank. Yes, yes you can. If you’re not very familiar with this oil you need to Google it up right now and read about all the amazing things. It’s expensive for a reason as YL does Frank right – it is sourced from the middle east and is hand picked and distilled fresh from the tress. Love this one on my face (bye bye wrinkles) and actually in my diffuser. The smell is really calming and grounding to me.

5ml Sacred Frankincense (300PV Bonus):
It’s pretty amazing they are giving this one away for free. This is another one you need to read up on because it’s been shown to do some pretty amazing things….

5ml Myrrh (300PV Bonus):
If you know about the 3 wise men then you remember this was one of the gifts with gold and frank. Said to be very healing just like the frankincense oils. Really nice for the skin too when mixed with frank and a good lotion. I know this oil isn’t talked about very often so this is one you want to research too.

20 ER POINTS (190PV Bonus):
I’m glad they brought this back this month. It’s one of my favorites because it’s like the promo you get to pick. You can’t beat getting free ER points to add to your balance.

Really good stuff this month. I’m super excited and I there is more!!


For the Months of November and December if you purchase a Young Living Starter Kit for the first time you will get a FREE bottle of Christmas Spirit!!!  Christmas Spirit is a sweet, spicy blend of orange, cinnamon, and spruce essential oils that tap into the happiness, joy, and security associated with the holiday season.

To purchase click below and follow the prompts. Choose the Membership option as it will give you the best pricing and you will get an awesome essential oil kit that will stock you up on the most popular oils and a diffuser for a discounted price!  The bottle of Christmas Spirit will automatically be added to your order.


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