December 2016 Young Living Promotion

Today is the first day of the ULTIMATE holiday month! Combining a handpicked selection of essential oil-infused products that will help you make the most of this holiday season, December’s PV promotion also included an exclusive, never-before-seen oil!

As always be sure you are ordering through essential rewards to claim all your free stuff and earn product credit on every order!



First up, with your qualifying essential reward order of 100 PV or more you will receive a FREE 5-mL Tea Tree essential oil. Tea Tree essential oils is supportive to the skin. It has wonderful cleansing properties. You may have heard of this oils proper name, melaleuca alternifolia. Keep your skin looking radiant, smooth and supple during the winter months.

190 PV

You will get that bonus ER exclusive Tea Tree oil PLUS 5-mL Nutmeg oil when you order through ER. Nutmeg is spicy, warming and definitely uplifting. With your qualifying 190+ purchase  you will also receive everyone’s favorite Orange Vitality (5-mL). Orange is a wonderful addition to so many oils. You can try this in your holiday punch, desserts and even blend with other vitality oils for unique combinations.

250 PV

With your 250 PV+ order grab all of the above PLUS a box of NingXia Nitro for that extra bit of energy you need during this time of the year. We are all hustling and bustling and a NITRO will help you keep things kicked in high gear.

300 PV

When your holiday shopping equals 300 PV or more…oh my you get all of the above PLUS you get to try Young Living’s brand new EXCITE blend. Who isn’t excited to get your hands on this new uplifting, energy breathing blend of ocotea and nutmeg?! This will surely help you get your Santa list checked off! You will also receive one of my favorites and a must-have as you begin 2017 with some goals and dreams in mind….Abundance! Usher new blessings into your life with this blend with traditional oils used in ancient cultures to attract prosperity and joy! Yes please!!

Happy Holidays!!!


For the month of December Young Living is offering a FREE Christmas Spirit Oil with your purchase of a premium Young Living Starter Kit!!!  Go here to purchase.  Give the gift of wellness this season and start 2017 with a bang!


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