Good Vibes Only and April Ramblings

And like that April is almost bye bye. And what a month it has been.  Bryce has been home all week with the flu. He is doing much better but every time he sneezes more snot comes out then I thought his little body could produce, which is both amusing and alarming at the same time.   I am very happy he is on the mend.  April activities included Blueberry picking and Bryce riding his first Roller Coaster at Disney World, the Barnstormer ride in Fantasyland.  He loved it! Pure joy on his face.


Also I got a new haircut and style.  I tried a Keratin treatment on my hair and LOVE IT! It is so nice to not have to struggle with styling my hair.  I literally blow dry and round brush it into place.  It has been almost two months since I had the treatment and it still hasn’t washed out.  I definitely will be getting it again when it is time.  I am trying to grow my hair into a bob.  Getting closer.  And even though I thought I would miss the pixie cut, I am actually loving the longer length.  It is not as high maintenance as I feared it would be.

Easter 2017.  It was a fun Easter.  We went to Epcot in the morning for their Easter activities and then came home and cooked a ham dinner for Brian’s family.  They hid eggs for Bryce to find in the yard and he had so much fun with it.  Disney is wonderful at the holidays.  I always tell people they should try and visit during Christmas or Easter if they can.


And I have no clue where he came up with this but Bryce has taken to calling our cat Chi Chi.  Her name is Sophie. No where close to Chi Chi.  But it is oh so cute.  And now we are catching ourselves calling her Chi Chi.  Has this every happened in your family? Where a child has changed the name of one of your animals?

And that was pretty much April.  May is Mothers Day and we celebrate Bryce’s 3rd birthday May 19.  It is crazy how fast time is going.  He got invited to his first birthday party, so we are starting that phase, and we have opened our pool up for the season and it has been fun watching his confidence in the water be stronger already this year. I am hoping by the end of the summer he will be actually swimming.

Enjoy the weekend peeps. Sending you all Good Vibes Only.

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