February 2018 Young Living Promo


Love is in the Air and Young Living is Celebrating with some Amazing Freebies with Purchase this month!

SclarEssence Vitality

Ladies, this one is for you because you have very specific hormone needs. SclarEssence uses phytoestrogen to best support us. This blend also includes the calming effect of peppermint, fennel, clary sage and Spanish sage. Clary sage is extremely helpful during women’s menstrual cycles with cramps, PMS and even supports the circulatory system. Take a few drops of this blend in a capsule and keep your hormones functioning at their very best.

Lavender Calming Bath Bombs

It is time to treat yourself and your loved one. These amazing little bombs have just the right hint of lavender Getting ready for a Valentine’s date or just pampering yourself, these aren’t called ‘bath bombs’ for nothing. Enjoy the soft, silky skin afterwards too.

V-6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil

is Young Living’s very own carrier oil. This leaves your skin silky soft without grease.  It is great for a massage and is perfect to use to blend with your favorite oils. 


Another stupendous oil for pampering your skin. Start by adding a drop of to your day and nighttime moisturizer to support aging skin. Want to better support your sleep? Give patchouli a try on the back of your neck or bottom of your feet. Patchouli is another emotional supporting essential oil.  Try patchouli to help release those toxic emotions and clear your mind.

Sensation Oil

is sometimes referred to as “Romance in a Bottle”.  It smells like a perfume! This blend is also great for balancing your mood.  Sensation contains Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Coriander and Geranium.

Promo Details

With your 100 PV qualifying ER order you will receive a 5mL SclarEssence Vitality.

With your 190 PV qualifying ER order you will recieve V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex plus Lavender Calming Bath Bombs and SclarEssence.

With your 250 PV qualifying ER ordre you will receive everything above PLUS 15 mL Patchouli essential oil.

With your 300 P V qualifying order and the best value, receive everything above PLUS 5 mL Sensation blend oil.

Young Living has a NEW Starter Kit!

So something fun launched today! Young Living now has mineral makeup starter kits! Meaning you can get an entire collection of mineral makeup, tools and a membership that gets you 24% off for life at the cheapest price ever offered! Only $150 and you get a foundation color of your choice, 3 eyeshadows, a blush, a lipgloss, a foundation brush, misting spray and a bottle of Lavender essential oil. Also comes with instruction book and more info on Young Living products. Both current members and new can purchase!

There are four makeup starter kits available.  Cool #2, Warm #2, Dark #1 and Dark #4

Purchase here!

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