April 2018 Young Living Promo


Spring has sprung and Young Living is all about getting seasonal support this month, loving on your gut health, and continuing to get toxins out of your house with your spring cleaning!  Feel good about saving money and getting the best toxin free products for your home. Purchase here if you are ready to get started!

Basil Vitality:

Use this oil to support the respiratory and immune systems with seasonal changes. It’s great for the muscles and actually does wonders for head tension too! It’s one of the oils used in Raindrop and we always keep a good stock of Raindrop oils at our house. And for any cooks, add some freshness to your soups, salads or pastas with Basil. It’s pretty strong so I suggest using a toothpick size amount and add the flavor as you go.

Tea Tree:

A staple for every home. Lots of great cleaning DIYs you can do with this oil. Just hop on Pinterest and you’ll see. This is also a great oil for all things skin – for blemish prone skin, to a healthy scalp, adding tea tree into the mix gives your skin the support it needs. Aromatically it cleanses the air and has a refreshing Aroma. Try this trio out : 4 drops tea tree, 4 drops Rosemary and 5 drops lemon essential oils for a yummy smelling and purifying experience.

Fennel: (15 ml)

Fennel is wonderfully supporting for a woman’s milk supply! But don’t worry, even if you’re not a nursing mama you’re going to be excited to have this oil on hand. It’s great for digestion and acts as a digestive aid and even increases the metabolism! Double win! And great for anyone who is working towards some weight management goals. During Medieval times, Fennel was used to ward off evil spirits, so why not add a few drops in your diffuser for good measure!

Wool dryer Balls:

Continue to get rid of toxins from your home this spring by ditching and switching your toxic dryer sheets out and putting these wool dryer balls in. It’s such an easy switch. Add 3-5 drops of your choice of oil to each dryer ball and freshen up that laundry. Purification is one of our fave oils to use on our wool balls to eliminate odors. Tea Tree and Lemon would be great for this too. Lavender infused laundry never gets old here either.


This enzyme promotes digestion and is especially good for anyone who struggles with digesting carbs!
The natural ingredients include:
*Protease 3, 4.5 and 6 – enzymes that help to digest protein.
*Amylase enzymes which digests starch, carbohydrates and sugars.
*Cellulase enzyme – This enzyme helps to digest plant material.
*Invertase – Enzyme which assists in the break down of sugars. Converts sucrose to glucose and fructose.
*Lipase – Enzyme which helps to digest fat.
*Pepitidase – Helps to break down proteins into amino acids. Form of protease.
*Phytase – Catalyzes Phytic acid which is found in foods containing phosphorous including grains and oil seeds.
*Bromelain – A plant derived enzyme coming from pineapple stems that helps to digest carbohydrates.
*Lactase – Assists in the break down dairy products (milk sugars).
*Alpha galactosidase – assists in the break down beans, legumes, seeds, soy products, roots and underground stems.
*Malt Diastase – Along with amylase it has the ability to break down sugars and carbohydrates into simpler sugars especially grains.
*Plantain (sulfite free) – Supports a healthy digestive system.
*Barley sprout powder – Super nutritious powder that is full of natural plant enzymes.
*Vegetable cellulose
*Deionized water

Allerzyme Digestive Enzymes Supplement are infused of course with our essential oils m. Check out the powerhouse of oils this supplements contains. All oils that are great for digestion, detoxification and even skin support!

*Fennel Essential Oil
*Tarragon Essential Oil
*Peppermint Essential Oil
*Ginger Essential Oil
*Lemongrass Essential Oil
*Juniper Esential Oil
*Patchouli Essential Oi
*Anise Essential Oil



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